veeam software

When you have a question like, “What is Veeam software used for?” Veeam is innovative software that is used to back up your data to cloud storage. In data backup and storage, Veeam has become a game changer.

If you are purchasing and maintaining an expensive service provider to maintain your business data in the cloud, then Veeam is ensuring continuous backup storage with more security and scalability.

Why is Veeam used for backup over other methods?

    • Doesn’t require physical infrastructure investment
    • Set it once
    • Speed recovery
  • Mitigate IT headaches
  • Surpass Tape Backup
  • Reduced cost

Doesn’t require physical infrastructure investment

As it is software, you need your current computer network to download and go for backup as per the data you wish to backup.

Set it once

Veeam is an automated backup process. All the data you wish to backup is synced to the cloud service at the time you prefer to back it up. You can choose hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly as per your wish. You can also manually back up certain files.

Speed recovery

You can access the data and recover it from the cloud backup instantly whenever you require. Even in the event of a natural disaster or other accident, your data will be safe in the cloud.

Mitigate IT-Headaches

When your company has cloud storage, you don’t need to spend much time focusing on searching for files and taking strategic initiatives for the company’s growth.

veeam software

Surpass Tape Backup

Backups are at risk of being stolen or lost, and the process is time-consuming. To find data, you need to find the right tape with the data.

Reduce cost

Veeam offers a special feature that lets you purchase what you need and utilize it with limited resources.

I hope you got the answers to the question, “What is Veeam software used for?”