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The soul publishing is one of the most award winning independent digital studios, which makes original, positive, and entertaining content for the worldwide audience. Actually, TheSoul Publishing is a number one DIY digital brands in the globe and also well known for channels like 5-minute crafts, 123Go and bright side. This publishing also reaches over one billion subscribers across the globe. Also, it is one of the most famous as well as productive online media companies and reaches around one billion social followers all over the Pinterest, Facebook, Snap, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube and so on.

What does The Soul Publishing actually do?

Since its invention, the Soul Publishing has several views of any entertainment as well as media creator all over the YouTube and Facebook followed by these companies such as Warner Media, Comcast, Disney, and ViacomCBS. However, this media power house was newly renowned by the Tubular Labs for its greatly famous content and topping the charts in tubular labs awards with the most distinctive worldwide viewers. The portfolio of soul publishing of media brands can highlight the entirely entertaining, sensible and positive.

business and organisation

How the Soul Publishing became a next big thing in online content?

The Soul Publishing is actually a digital studio behind a La La Life as well as five minute crafts. This is a foremost media group to hit over hundred billion views on social media across the globe, which is more than Warner Media, Viacom, or Disney. At present, TheSoul Publishing has become a superior media publisher to reach over hundred billion social media followers for its web content. According to the social video analytic provider’s information, it also includes the vital hit channels such as slick slime Sam and La La Life, which has shoot up a company to the leading state in terms of social media views on Facebook and YouTube.