water bongs

Buying a bong online is far more accessible, cheaper, and safer than buying one in-store. However, there are some things you have to look out for before you buy a bong online. This blog post will help to inform those who wish to buy a bong online about what they need to know before purchasing their new water pipe.


Your purchase may be free from legal trouble if it’s not manufactured in your country and can’t be sold due to individual restrictions. It’s also essential that you consider the quality of your purchase. While most of these websites offer guarantees that all products work as intended, the outcome might not be up enough to your smoking pleasure.


Many websites offer a wide variety of water bongs at a relatively low price. However, most of these sites have warranties that only cover the general quality of the product. This means that if an individual has different problems with their new pipe, they must pay all costs to repair or replace it. If a company is going to offer such a warranty, they need to clearly state what it will and will not do regarding repairs and replacements.


Another thing you need to be sure of when buying your bong online is whether or not the shipping charges will be high. If a company charges you a significant amount for shipping, you should ask what the shipping charges are before buying. This way, you will be able to compare the costs of various companies and find the one with the best price.

water bongs

It may be challenging to examine possible leaks within your bong. The pipes you purchase should have very thick glass because they will be used over some time. If your pipe isn’t made from thick glass, there is a chance that your pipe may leak within a year or two. However, if your new pipe has deep grooves in the bottom, this can help slow down any possible leaks and prevent air from escaping during use. It’s also essential to make sure your pipe design allows for the smoothest possible draw.


It would be best if you looked at the size of any bong you’re interested in buying to prevent yourself from having a hard time using it. If you believe a bong is too small, you will have a hard time using it because your lungs can’t expand noticeably during use. However, if you buy a pipe with too large of a bowl, it may be challenging to take smooth hits because your lungs can’t expand as much during use.


If you wish to purchase an excellent quality glass bong online, you should avoid sites that don’t list all their products or prices.