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With CBD, cannabinol comes a variety of choices for you to pick from. Cannabinol (Cbd) use has been widely appreciated over time. Many have turned to it to aid them in relieve of stress, anxiety,  depression, and pain, especially in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, management of some types of seizures and even some cardiovascular diseases can be prevented. All these have not been proven, however,  many have used it and spoken of its effectiveness in these areas. The CBD oil tincture is a more effective product of CBD.

Even though CBD oil and tincture are not the same things, they are sometimes used interchangeably.

The main difference between oil and tincture is the method by which they are extracted.

The extraction process for oil includes the use of other kinds of essential or natural oils to help preserve the aroma, taste and chemical properties of the cannabis plant. However,  the tincture is made by using high-proof alcohol that would extract all the chemicals and therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant. Tinctures compared to old are usually bitter and have to be masked with agents such as sweeteners, and flavouring agents.

About CBD oils

This is most often a sought-after blend of CBD products. An inert carrier oil, like coconut oil or any other natural or essential oil, is always used.

When making CBD oils, other compounds like flavonoids and terpenes are extracted from the plant and then mixed with the carrier oil, this method is used for full-spectrum CBD oils.

With CBD isolates, the plant products would retain their hemp plant components including a 0.3 percentage of THC, which is beneficial to consumers to exert a euphoric effect when consumed.

When these compounds are extracted and mixed with carrier oils, manufacturers may add a natural and/or an artificial flavour to help with the taste.

As previously mentioned, CBD oils are quite easy to find and are more common compared to tinctures.  Most CBD tincture that is advertised is usually found to be CBD oils. Some products may even be labelled as CBD oil tinctures.

CBD oils are more efficient for those looking to avoid the use of alcohol however it contains feeder ingredients than a tincture. And note that if you are sensitive to alcohol or do not like the smell of alcohol, the oil is much preferable.


  • It is very easy to dose.
  • It can be used topically, ie, on the skin.
  • You can mix it with your food or beverages.
  • It gives you many options, concerning flavour and potency.
  • It contains minimal ingredients.


  • It does not come cheap.
  • The flavour might be too strong for you to handle.