When you rely on the structurely AI virtual assistant, they communicate on the lead scale to provide you qualifying and engaging two-way conversation lead. The AI virtual assistant is pre-trained and provides you with a conversion lead to help you find the lead objectives. The structurely ai virtual assistant are very skilled, bilingual, and are very empathetic. The AI communicates with your contact and automatically allows contacts to enroll manually into workflows.

How does AI virtual assistant structurely help to communicate better?

  • Nurture the leads for a long time- The AI assistant drips the messages to get the highest response rate uniquely. It is better to follow the assistant and cover the unresponsive leads that determine their timeframe for most of the lead, which have long-term reconnections and nudges for the short-term.
  • The AI empathizes with the leads to drive the conversation- The structurely AI virtual assistant does not handle all leads but empathizes with the leads to decide to handle leads that merge fields of every message with constant updates that help create an unlimited script get the lead source.
  • You can manage Ai assistant- With the structurely, you manage the AI assistant with your phone and can easily manage the leads. The AI assistant is always on the phone, so when the leader needs attention, the phone will let you know with the help of mobile notification. Even with the mobile app, you can jump into the conversation ready to speak with you about the leads.

  • Follow the task and never forget- Always create tasks manually and keep the loop of conversation automated. The Ai assistant creates your task and based on the conversations, and the lead gets automated. With the structurely ai virtual assistant, you get notifications via mobile app, text, or email notification that helps you get the leads.

Scheduled Appointment

With the structurely AI virtual assistant, you even get the scheduled appointment regarding the daily task and update you regarding your appointment or availability. It emphasizes your work and provides you the value to handle the objections respectfully in the future.

It helps you collect your data and also gather information regarding the CRM leads. The ai virtual assistant influences people to set the appointment and make them ready before the scheduled time. With structurely, it became easy to get the information of the daily source, and ai assistant helps you deliver the conversation respectfully.