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Finie is a conversational smarty and also the first significant piece of artificial intelligence technology built by Clinc. It is the customer-facing and hearing voice that you would encounter and is also the central financial genie. Finie provides 24/7 customer service that is non-stop and never quits to Clinc’s clients. Hence, let’s discuss the detailed information about Finie below.

The most technologically advanced virtual assistant and the words financial industry has ever seen is Finie, built by clinc. The role of a human customer service assistant is played by Finie but with many differences in the interaction. The brilliant team of programmers and artificial intelligence research pioneers at Clinc created finie. It is powered by the most modern and comprehensive conversational artificial intelligence technology the planet has ever seen. It has another human’s conversational capability in the room, which means it can talk like any other human. The interaction is very seamless and easily understandable when heard, which makes it easy to communicate with.

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Finie is not just a simple chatbot. There is no other customer service team because Finie alone can handle and can answer and resolve over 95% of customer enquiries without any need for human assistance. Finie has continued to prove this ability. Like a human, finie will talk to you and answer your questions. All the inquiries related and always remember the details you add or tell it during any interaction and remember those details even in future business. He is not just a chatbot or likes another human in a room, but it has a very long and fierce memory. Finie makes interaction easy and reduces the workload on humans by handling the business with customers itself with no need for human assistance.

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