Food mixers that are necessary to make your work easier

Food mixers are appliances useful to reduce household chores related to the kitchen and makes them easier to do without using your own physical strength.

There are different types of food mixers to make your work easier and effortless

There are hand mixers ,stand mixers and stick mixers too and all these can be bought from

The stand mixers are designed to make big items with more volume like it is easy to mix cake batter, dough of any use easily, it has few attachments for mixing dough , whisking related things, beater sticks.

Hand mixers don’t need any electricity and these contain two beaters attached to each other and this helps in beating a batter to remove air bubbles and make batter even.

 Stick mixers are simple equipment which are very small in size and only small tasks can be accomplished using these. It consists of single stick making use of which simple tasks are performed.

Food mixers that are necessary to make your work easier

Different speeds are available for food mixers

Every food item is different from the other and needs different types of blending. For example high speeds are to be maintained for whisking and whereas for mixing dough you need to mix very slow speeds.  So the mixer  is provided with different speeds; it has nearly six speeds to operate for different food items

More power is utilised for stand mixers because more volume foods are mixed in this type. And motor should do heavy duty orelse the motor will spoil due to overheating of the motor. So always it important to check motor capability to run while buying and buying at this gives you good working motors along with warranty which lasts for at least 3 years for most of the products.

Extra features which make equipment more awesome :

  • Different timers are present to set
  • Sensor are present to bearing different loads
  • Electric power settings
  • They have safety lock to avoid accidents
  • The head designs are of various types.

Using this along with a few extra equipment you can do many food items and make use of theseequipment like blenders, ice cream preparation bowls , pasta equipment, food processor etc…

The stand mixers should be sturdy and heavy so as to mix heavy volume batters, because to mix heavy batter equipment should not be weak , if equipment is delicate while mixing the equipment won’t support and slip away easily.These stand mixers are very huge in structure so you need to have a place to keep them in your kitchen.

They are available in different sizes. You need to decide which size you want with how much capacity. For minimal requirements at least the bowl capacity should be 2 litres. The bowls  are available in both steel and glass at

Why you should have a stand mixer than regular hand mixer

  • The stand mixer is more powerful than the hand mixer
  • No need to use energy of your hand
  • Can mix large volumes at a time without keeping more effort.
  • It makes work easier for baking people and for people looking to cook different items.
  • But the stand mixer occupies more space than hand mixers and is very costly too.