latin dance dresses

The ideal way to dance salsa, bachata & company is to wear light and sparkling dresses, perhaps embellished with rhinestones, sequins and glitter. The latin dance dresses should not be too tight or too long, so as not to hinder movement. Choose a mini dress with a soft, non-snug fabric, never longer than the knee.
If you prefer a less showy look, you can also opt for a white or black skirt to combine with a brightly coloured top, perhaps embellished with sequins. It is advisable to always wear a nice pair of flesh-coloured tights, such as those from Hooters.
As for accessories, yes to necklaces and bracelets. Pay attention to the earrings, choose a pair with a secure closure because, while dancing, they could fall off you. Perfect are those in a circle or with not excessively long pendants.

latin dance dressesTo dance Caribbean dances all night without feeling pain in your feet, choose the heel carefully. Never over 8 centimetres, especially if you are not used to wearing high heels. For Latin American dance, it is advisable to avoid stilettos and opt for a slightly thicker heel.
Made of quick movements and small steps, tango is passion. Here are some tips on how to dress to dance the tango, valid for a theme night.
Choose a dress that follows the movements of the body or a skirt with a deep slit, a pair of shoes with straps or lace-ups with heels and a red detail or accessory. The skirt can be decorated with fringes or flounces.
An asymmetrical model is perfect for following the movements of the legs. A low-cut and fitted bodice, with or without sleeves, completes the outfit.
Ideal for a reggae evening is the ethnic style, without too many pretensions, with decorated sweaters to combine with colourful bags, an easy skirt, a pair of wide pants and a sweatshirt, with a pair of sneakers that reflect the Jamaican colours.
Black is the most popular, to be combined with contrasting colours, such as yellow, green and fuchsia.
Combine a pair of dark skinny jeans with a t-shirt or tank top that wraps the waist but remains soft on the shoulders and in front of the chest. Excellent for a rocking evening is also a shirt that leaves only one shoulder uncovered, creating an intriguing asymmetry. Above you can wear a black leather jacket or a nail. As for accessories, choose a wide belt at the waist, bracelets and eye-catching earrings.