National Police Association

The NPA is an organization that builds a better connection between the supporters of law enforcement and the police departments. It functions from contributions from generous individuals and organizations. All contributions to the NPA are eligible for a tax deduction. This article covers every aspect regarding the functioning of the National Police Association.

The primary objective

The NPA falls under the category of Educational Organizations. It connects the people who support law enforcement with the police departments. The NPA empowers supporters of law enforcement with the knowledge that helps them support the police departments in realizing their goals.

Online and offline presence

The NPA uses several means to extend help and awareness to supporters of law enforcement. The NPA exposes the elements that carry out anti-police activities that come in the way of law enforcement. It uses the following means to do the same – public service announcements on the radio, their podcast, the channel PlutoTV, books by experts in law enforcement, the NPA YouTube channel, application, articles, blogs, legal filings and so on.

It is quite easy to notice how the NPA uses all the means that the digital age has blessed us to ensure that it has a greater reach.

National Police Association

The functions and activities

The anti-police activists, if left unaccountable, can create issues in society, resulting in obstacles to law enforcement. Therefore, the NPA takes the responsibility of holding these anti-police forces accountable for their actions. The NPA, armed with its team of legal experts, uses the law to through light on the instances of abuse by the anti-police forces. It does not stop at that. The NPA works to seek corrective action from the individuals involved. The NPA also urges the public officials to work for the benefit of the public rather than for the more powerful special interests.

The Reward program

The NPA has a reward program where it recognizes cases where there is violence against an officer or when an officer has not been allowed to carry out their duties. The organization rewards the officers who are identified in such cases.

An affected officer must fulfil some terms and conditions to become eligible for the reward program. The terms can be found on the organization’s official website. Agencies who feel that they have suitable candidates for the reward can get in touch with the National Police Organization.