A World-Class Recording Studio that Offers So Much More

Music makes the world go round, and there are tons of talented musicians and artists that go unnoticed because they don’t have the right tools to help them create their music. Fortunately, there are recording studios like Spike Leo, which offer superb services such as writing, producing, mixing, and recording. They believe that there is power if you provide the proper support to a creative process, and they hone those skills by offering these services to accomplished artists and amateurs.

Spike Leo Recording Studio is home to up and coming artists, producers, songwriters, and more. It’s a recording studios and production melbourne in Abbotsford. Here, you can accomplish your goal while being provided with the right help. It’s the haven for all creatives who want to create music and spread it to the world. So let’s see what other services Spike Leo has for other artists to use.

Studio Services for the Artists

Spike Leo has all the tools and equipment for accomplished musicians to use. It’s a hub for all things musical-related, which enables everyone to create innovative results. One of the services they offer is Vocal Recording, Mixing, and Mastering – where they guide you to know your individual tastes and goals according to your inspiration so you can find your balance and what suits your music best. For $400, you receive a 3-hour recording session. Then, in just one day, you get to go home with a radio-ready track ready to be streamed on various digital platforms.

Spike Leo also offers an Original Song Composition. Their package is unique, with four 3-hour one-on-one sessions where Spike Leo guides you throughout the process from start to finish. Your song will be tailored according to your style, genre, and requirements discussed during the meeting.

A Learning Experience

Spike Leo is unlike other recording studios because they also provide music courses for those who want to get into the world of music. In addition, they have a customized music production syllabus that’s aligned with international standards. The syllabus is made with a combined knowledge derived from years of formal training and countless hours of industry experience. The immersive course is supported by a syllabus and an E-book, which Spike Leo wrote, where you can learn from beginner to advanced techniques.

If you prefer remote learning, the E-book is the ideal choice for you. The title of Spike Leo’s Ebook is “The Secret 12-hour Songwriting Technique”. It’s an Ebook that will teach you how to write a high-quality song in under 12 hours, which is why everyone needs this kind of book.

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