When it comes to weight loss plans, sky is the limit as you will find one or the other everywhere, in magazines, newspapers, from friends, well-wishers, from your colleagues, internet and so on. You will also find thousands of ‘health specialists’ or ‘nutrition specialists’ who come with some or the other weight loss plans now and then. The questions, how useful these plans are? Does one plan suit everyone? Are these weight loss programs useful at all? The answer is it depends. Each body type is different, each person is different, eating habits and lifestyle are different, then how can one type of weight loss plan be useful to all? Also there are so man fad weight loss programs these days, some that concentrate on eating just one type of food and shunning all others, some that persuade people to eat only meat while some say that one can survive on fruit juices alone. All these are not only useless but even harmful to health.

Weight loss plan – custom made

Some of the Most Popular Types of Diets are Paleo diet, low calorie diet, cleanse diet, detox diet, Vegan diet, fad diet and more. These diets promise weight loss in both short term and long term too. A diet plan is one that promises dramatic results.

weight loss plan

How to choose a customized weight loss plan that suits you

Take your doctor’s advice: It is best to ask suggestions from your doctor before you are about to begin on a weight loss program. He or she can check your medical history and let you know if it will work for you or not. If it is not suitable to you, you can always try some other programs.

Your needs: What is that you require? If you have any medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or any other illnesses for which you are taking medication, you may have to be careful. What is the lifestyle you lead? If you are an active person, you may need a high-carb, high-protein diet but if you are always sitting on the chair, then you may need a diet likewise.

Safe program: Do not go for extreme fad diets. Opt for less stylish but safe weight loss programs. Look at a program that advises healthy eating and exercising to lose weight. There are some programs that may promise weight loss in a week and may ask you to try tablets, etc. These are very dangerous diet plans. So, choose a program that you can follow easily and that which will not induce any harmful effects.

Choose a program that promotes eating of food that you like. The key is to remember that you need a balanced diet, that is, you need carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins in adequate proportions. So, any plan that does not suggest a balanced diet is not useful. At the same time, you can opt for a weight loss plan that is scientific, and one that suits you, your body type, the climate you are living in and also the lifestyle that you are leading.