Social Media implementation and start-up

After a careful analysis of the company and social characteristics, we start with an implementation project that concerns various aspects of graphics, communication and marketing, since nothing can be left to chance, an error can irreparably compromise the quality of the results and frustrate the goals Goread.

No advertising investments should be made in the platform during the implementation process, these can be programmed later when the system is up and running. The implementation procedure must be planned over time through a series of phases which envisage different actions which vary in relation to the number of followers and followings, and the degree of credibility and authority achieved. A social implementation project must contain the following elements related to each platform:

The objectives and expected results.

The method of measuring results.

 A budget allocated to the platform.

The planning of the intervention.

The resources allocated to the platform.

The graphic line, which must be coordinated with the corporate image.

A more or less concise description of the company in relation to the characteristics of the hosting platform.

The identification of the theoretical target to be sought.

The list of the most suitable influencers to achieve your goals.

A communication program.

The sources where to draw the information to be published.

After the design phase and based on the planning, the implementation process begins bearing in mind the following principles which vary according to the type of social network:

During the implementation of the graphic part and until the completion of the various parts, followers must not be sought.


You can publish a few self-referential things that serve to complete the summary profile reported.

It is necessary to take advantage of the available communication channels, other platforms and sites, making connections through dedicated links.

The start-up of the social network involves the acquisition of followers on the basis of the optimal number which varies for each platform. Always keeping in mind the following/follower ratio, the activity is conducted on a daily basis and distributed over the entire programmed time frame. The activity is divided into 3 phases which lead to the entrance to the achievement of the expected followers.