CBD tincture

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring chemical compound in cannabis that has many therapeutic effects. It is extracted from the cannabis plant and comes in two varieties, oil and isolate. CBD tinctures are another method of CBD consumption for those who prefer not to smoke or vaporize.


For those unfamiliar with CBD, its effects may make it seem safer than other forms of cannabis ingestion. However, this fresh-faced quality belies that tinctures often contain significantly higher concentrations of THC than other methods of taking cannabinoid medicine. Many producers and processors are not abiding by legal limits on THC content.


CBD tinctures are typically made by putting liquid CBD isolate into alcohol. When you first open the bottle, a powerful odor may put people off. If that’s the case, leave the container open and let it air for a day or two before using it.


Many buyers are under the impression that you only have to consume the tincture once daily. Many users will take CBD oil every single day. This practice is called ‘repetitive dosing.’ Generally speaking, this form of CBD medicine is more familiar with high-concentration tinctures.


The main benefit of using CBD tinctures is that it’s straightforward to measure and administer as an outpatient. Unlike edibles and extracts, no complicated prep methods like cheesecloth, silk, or filter papers require people to learn or grow expertise over time to dose themselves effectively.


CBD tinctures are not just for people with interest in medical marijuana. This form of CBD medicine is an excellent alternative for those who want to avoid the potential downsides of smoking, such as secondhand smoke. It’s also an excellent option for parents wanting to give their children CBD-infused edibles but does not want them taking large doses of THC.


CBD tincture

When using CBD tinctures, it’s important to note that they are much more potent than CBD-only isolates. The ethanol content allows the CBD tincture to be absorbed into the bloodstream. As a result, the effects of taking high-concentration tinctures may last up to six hours or more.


It’s also important to know that some CBD content in the mixture may not stay in your system for very long when consumed orally. Alcohol and other ingredients in the mixture may cause it to be expelled through urine. A 2017 study found that only 1/6 of ingested CBD from mixed products remained in a person’s bloodstream after six hours.


In conclusion, it’s important to note that just because CBD oil is lab-tested does not mean it is safe for consumption. It can mean the opposite. High-concentration tinctures may contain little to no CBD in the mixture. Many manufacturers are exploiting loopholes in the law to sell these products at astronomical prices to unsuspecting consumers as a ‘cure-all’ or panacea.