Visually Alluring Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Oakland, CA

Exclusive looks, high durability, problem-free maintenance, and affordable rates are some critical factors a homeowner looks for while installing a home or office floor. When deciding the type of flooring best suited for your space, you don’t need to face the dilemma of choosing between beauty and durability. With the progress of time and innovations, plenty of flooring options offer the ultimate combination of enduring resilience with aesthetically pleasing looks. One of the top spot grabbers is luxury vinyl flooring in Oakland, CA.


Luxury Vinyl Flooring is one of the modern, game-changing materials that is becoming one of the most popular flooring solutions for various home remodeling or renovation projects. It can withstand heavy wear and tears and is easy to install and maintain. It generally comes in the shape of a traditional square tile. Still, a wide range of designs is also available that can easily replicate the look of natural stone, wood, or ceramic flooring.

Layers of the flooring

The combination makes Luxury Vinyl Floors of various texturized layers that give the natural wood or stone floor hyperrealistic looks. From surface to subfloor, it is made up of four kinds of layers, namely-

  • Durable water layer, i.e., Clear Polyurethane
  • Design print film layer (for mimicking wood, stone, ceramic)
  • Vinyl Core Layer or Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • The backing layer of comfort

Outstanding Attributes

It has many invaluable qualities which homeowners desire. Some of them are-

  • Affordable price– It looks exactly like expensive hardwood or stone floors but for a fraction of the cost. It is the most significant advantage.
  • Hardwearing– The underlying design layer never fades or wears away underfoot because of the scratch-resistant layer. Thus, it provides exceptional durability and longevity.
  • Waterproof- It is an ideal flooring solution for moisture-prone spaces like mudrooms, basements, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
  • Ease of maintenance – They don’t require waxing, sealing, or polishing. A damaged plank can be easily popped out and replaced.
  • Versatile– A wide range of options is available to suit the taste of various design schemes. It looks similar to natural material while providing cushion, insulation, and a convenient installation process.

Concluding words

It will be an excellent choice for personalizing various options that will enhance the appearance of your room. It provides all the benefits to cater to your needs.