Ronn Torossian

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR predicts the best B2B styles for 2022. Torossian says it is safe to assume that many of the marketing strategies adopted by B2B companies throughout the epidemic will continue to influence campaign ratings. While those companies have to adapt to any changing environment and adapt to their strategies, things will not go back to the way they were before the epidemic.

Technical Stacks

One of the major marketing changes over the past decade for B2B businesses has been the expansion of marketing technology. Over the past decade, more than 8,000 marketing technology solutions have been developed for B2B companies. Although many Ronn Torossian businesses had to reduce their marketing budget at the beginning of the epidemic in order to adjust to economic uncertainty, that changed in 2021 with more companies investing in marketing technologies. The trend is likely to continue, but B2B businesses will also be looking for ways to simplify their marketing technology stacks. That way, they will be able to reduce their technology solutions to manageable levels. Other major trends in B2B technology will be digital access to leading production, measurement solutions that will allow businesses to compare the performance of campaigns, and smaller, personal events.

More insight

Ronn Torossian

When the epidemic made it impossible for private events, B2B companies turned to digital communications and ways to measure digital transactions, such as downloading, filling out forms, and clicking. However, in the coming year, companies will want to skip simple contact data to really find a way to download, fill out forms or clicks, which influences sales. Specifically, businesses will look for ways to better understand how that engagement is reflected in consumer spending, as well as their revenue. That is why next year, companies will be looking for more specificity and different tools that can provide the above mentioned information.

All in all, Ronn Torossianmarketing campaigns are about personalization. However, companies in the B2B industry face a major challenge when it comes to creating highly targeted content and messages. This is because the shopping trip is usually very long, and access is very difficult. Over the past few years, B2B companies have used account-based marketing to offer more personalization to their campaigns, ensuring that the right buyers receive the right messages. However, the strategy was only applicable to well-defined, small audiences, and was not intended for larger campaigns. Fortunately, these days, companies have the technology to increase the scale of account-based marketing efforts by using different data points that can make their campaigns your own. That’s why in the coming months, those kinds of strategies will emerge as more businesses use their skills and provide more targeted campaigns.