Smart Circle

These pseudo energy consultants and all those door-to-door salespeople trimming products or tariff changes (often posing as employees of a major company by shamelessly lying), base their sales strategy on two elements:

Get the surprise effect by Smart Circle. In practice, they trust that the prospect does not know that he is about to enter a negotiation, and therefore is not psychologically prepared to fight back. In addition, these people turn on purpose at times when housewives and lonely elderly are present in the house (usually from 10:00 in the morning until 15:00 in the afternoon), who are not able to carry out a negotiation effectively. . Often there are two salespeople, usually a man and a woman, so that they constantly talk and take turns to catch their breath, bombarding the interlocutor who doesn’t know what to answer with words.

Smart Circle

Lack of information

In most cases, the customer does not expect to face an interview for a negotiation, and therefore does not have in-depth information on the service or product offered before the meeting, so he must take the seller’s word for it. At this point in the conversation comes the sermon on the amazing savings of the new rate plan. “Can you please take my bill so that we can check your current rate plan?” . You copy the contract number, a signature to “give him the quote”, and voila, the customer has passed to the new manager without his knowledge.

Ultimately, using correct and reliable door-to-door sales techniques, which allow you to emerge from the mass of sellers who ruin the market through incompetence, unpreparedness and, sometimes, dishonesty, are mandatory. So what is the right way to operate?

Where to go

Typically, many team leaders recommend going to a neighborhood or town and knocking on all doors. As soon as you find a person who answers, you recite a script already written, which should magically open the door. It is true that this is a method, but the results you will get will be a bit poor. What I recommend is the method explained in the article on direct sales techniques.