People nowadays enjoy viewing films that are entertaining and upbeat. Many people spend the majority of their free time viewing videos on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites. This has grown during the epidemic since many people are limited to the devices and internet connection at home. As a result, they spend their time watching the videos. Because of its diverse content, TheSoul Publishing reaches a large audience with many subscribers in the you tube and with a big followers in the Face book. They attracted the people with more ideas in a short video. This was unique idea when it reached the audience. This made a huge change in the YouTube and many of them started trying the hacks that they show.

The corporation established multiple channels on various platforms in order to maximise the number of views for their content and so generate ad income. They upload engaging films with vivid animation, strange soundtrack, and fascinating content that is difficult to discover in other works. As a result of their unique and interesting content, they were able to garner over 1 billion followers across various social media platforms such as Instagram, Snap, Pinterest, TikTok, and many others.

The distinct approach:

First, TheSoul Publishing founders established their office in 2003. They began with the intention of creating an information website for advertising. Later, in order to enlarge their following, their focus switched to digital entertainment. They publish frequent material on humorous memes, blogs, videos, and articles.

Because of its tremendous success in Russia, the team has chosen to take it worldwide. As a result, they relocated to Cyprus in order to grow its operations around the globe. They launched the first video brand, 5-Minute Crafts, on Facebook in 2016. The ideas they use is something different so many people started trying the crafts. This also helped the people to start new channel for other You Tubers as well. There are many people who used this channel to make them grow.

They began to grow the channels on various media platforms by providing various video materials to captivate the audience. All of the films are one-of-a-kind and are explained to the viewer in an engaging manner. Unique concepts and innovative material eventually take over YouTube views. They now have over 1 billion followers and are the first medium to exceed 100 billion views across several social media networks.