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Hospital cleanliness is essential for ensuring patient safety. Only recently has the significance of the hospital setting been fully acknowledged in terms of infection prevention and control (IPC).  If you want to know how hospital cleaning in Sacramento, CA is done you have come to the right place!


  • Put gumboots or temporary shoe covers in place.
  • All staff cleaning a health facility must always wear hand protection.
  • Wear a robe, a cap, and a mask.
  • For the right dilution and contact time for cleaning and disinfecting solutions, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Before entering the room, gather the cleaning supplies.
  • Visually inspect and confirm that the cleaning tools are clean.
  • Before cleaning, remove clutter.
  • As instructed by the supervisor, move the cots and furnishings to the side.

Cleaning Process

  • Move forward with cleaning from the least to the most filthy regions and from high to low surfaces.
  • Before washing and disinfecting, clear away any unsightly soil.
  • Reduce turbulence to stop dust that might contain microorganisms from spreading.
  • Do not shake mops.
  • Before wet/damp mopping, use a dust control mop. Avoid using brooms.
  • Before performing wet mopping, wash the mop under running water.
  • A 120-square-foot area needs to be swept before the mop is re-dipped in the solution.

Post Cleaning

  • Carefully de-gown them, wash them, and let them air dry.
  • Your mask and cap should be washed, then dried.
  • To clean and dry the gloves, remove them.
  • Wash your hands as it is normally done.

Constructive advice

  • Before tackling any difficult stains or grime, make sure all loose debris and clutter have been eliminated.
  • Before attempting more powerful cleaning techniques, use gentler ones.
  • Make sure that any tool or cloth is clean and dry before using it.

Stakeholders in a health facility include the hospital personnel, the local population, the patients, the health department, and the district administration. The health facilities’ sanitation would need to be improved thanks to their sensitization. The facility must be supported and valued by the “people” for it to be “for the people”.