Both the internet and modern technology have helped billions of people all over the world. Those who have steady access to both the internet and technology know how important these are. For one, you can communicate with your friends and it makes work easier and faster. Smartphones are the perfect example of the internet and modern technology combined. Without the internet, phones are only used for calls and texts, which seem to be the ways of boomers. Nowadays, social media apps are the number one source of entertainment. But what about apps that can keep you safe from harm?

RedZone is one app that you can use when you travel to an unfamiliar part of the world. Ted Farnsworth created this app with one thing in mind, avoid areas where crime rates are high. Knowing which way to go and what route to use can make a big difference in keeping yourself safe when traveling. Learn more here

The Kind of App You Want on Your Phone at All Times

Whether you’re going to another country or another town that you’re unfamiliar with, you must be wary of your surroundings. But the problem with going to a place you have never been to before is you don’t know which areas to avoid. Since most countries have bad areas or “Red Zones” where crime is prevalent, it is important to know where these are so you can avoid them. RedZone helps you do that by giving you the safest routes to use to reach your destination. Being a traveler is not all about fun and games, it’s also about taking care of yourself.

RedZone is the best app to have on your phone if you want to put your safety first. Have fun the best way by avoiding bad areas in the country you are visiting.

What Kind of Technology RedZone Uses

RedZone uses mapping technology, which is designed to create the safest routes for every traveler. Sometimes going to an area where crimes always happen can end up in bad terms. Since Ted Farnsworth knows that crime is prevalent in certain countries where travelers always go, he created an app that can keep them safe from potential harm. Thinking ahead and avoiding these kinds of areas is the best option, and he thought of an app that works like social media where it gathers data from users. This data is then added to its system for the other users to use.

Being careful is important, especially in an unknown or foreign country. Make sure you have your bases covered and remember that prevention is always better. Prevent undesirable things from happening by using RedZone.