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Clinc is a world’s leading conversational AI platform which enables lots of enterprises to build sophisticated next generation human in the room level and virtual assistants. It is the top rated artificial intelligence research and technology company located in Michigan, United States and pushing boundaries to deliver the highly revolutionary range of enterprise AI experience. This Clinc conversational AI provider actually uses the latest technologies like next generation of the deep learning and natural language processing technologies for the different kinds of enterprises. It has the main mission to redefine the experiences through the machine learning and deep learning.

About Clinc

The story of this company has its roots in the collaboration project of research between the team of PhDs at the Michigan University. Having recognized that conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) had made some important advancement in the past ten years since the beginning of Siri which is the team believed that cutting edge advances in computing technology. It has been made with the combination of conversational AI technology with the natural language processing. The following are the main reasons why you should choose Clinc for the purpose of conversational AI technology and related services. They include,

Clinc conversational AI

  • Customer obsession

Regular users and core customers are the main reason for the success of this company.

  • Trust & Accountability

The team of experts here in Clinc believe that the foundation of their relationship with the customers is built on trust for the future success

  • Quality & Execution

They deliver high quality results through the innovation, flawless execution, and nonstop improvement of their products, process, and also people.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

They believe that every user should have the voice and they have to strive making the conversational artificial intelligence which understands and also supports everyone by accepting and celebrating their differences.