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A police check is a certification that someone can get to show they are free of criminal records and also to show that they have a lawful right to work in the nation. This is something which is highly beneficial for companies to help them avert a number of serious scenarios. The primary reason that an employer may want to have an employee to find a police check is that they may have a visa check. This will essentially ensure that they are legally permitted to operate in the nation and they are not an illegal immigrant. This is the National Police Association essential as it is against the law to use illegal immigrants and it is something that falls into the employer to watch out for.

National Police Association

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Another reason that you might want to get a police check or CRB’ check as it is understood in some areas (criminal record check) is to make sure your worker isn’t hiding any prior record of criminal action. It’s not against the law of course to use an ex-convict, but it could nevertheless be something that an employer does not wish to do in most conditions.

For instance, someone who works with kids will always need to get a National Police Association check to make sure they are safe to operate around them and that they don’t have any history of violence that might put the kids at risk. Again, if something were to happen and it had been to come out that the employee had a background of abuse, then it would be so harmful for the company it would likely have to shut down not to mention the harm it might do to the kid and the ethical .part that ought to be motivation enough.