Life Of Pastor Norman Quintero As A Public Figure

To be a public figure is not an easy task. The media is always keeping an eye on you. And people show a terrible amount of interest in all those minute details. Once you are in the limelight, there is no going back. You can try to maintain a low profile, but it does not stay like that for long. It takes heart and guts to be in that position where the general public feels entitled to give you opinion and criticism. And throughout the journey, there will be negative press and maybe lesser positive comments. Every star you watch on the television and in magazines, go through numerous negative comments. Even though it takes a toll on their mental health, they still hold on because fame does not come easy. However, negative comments are one thing, but when the past catches on your present, that is another. It is the story of Pastor Norman Quintero.

psychotherapist and real estate broker

Who is this person?

In recent times his name has an association with US politics, but this man is many things but one. He has always been a self-described pastor. And he has always cared for the people and thus earned the title of a humanitarian. Besides, he is also a psychotherapist and real estate broker. And being so many things brought him a lot of negative press. Ever since he started to run for Congress, the media has not been easy on him nor the law. Pastor Norman Quintero faced the law when he got accused of plenty of charges. His accusations were for handling business using illegal ways and for stalking. There was also some usual celebrity dating scandals news about him. But he faced all of those charges head-on. In the past, he has faced a lot and gone through a lot. He faced bankruptcy and going to jail. But in the end, it was never easy to be a public figure.

Public figures are always being watched and even targeted with the malicious threat. No matter where they stand in life, the media will always try to bring their past into the picture and pull their reputation down. Even if they carry a clean record, there will be rumours going around. It has become a norm for the celebrity lifestyle, and that is why there are PR team handling their media images or how they appear in front of the audience.