Cases Revolving Around Pastor Norman Quintero

While we are not new to an educated and yet popular personality becoming infamous for the fraud activities, we will see here a humanitarian who has been arrested many times and yet has not stopped his activities. Yes, the talk is about Pastor Norman Quintero.

Who is Norman Quintero?

Dr Quintero who owns two doctoral degrees is identified by many activities he does. He identifies himself as a pastor, humanitarian, mental health specialist, and real estate broker. This Puerto Rica born pastor of California owns mass media networks of radio and television apart from supporting humanitarian activities.

Cases against Norman Quintero

Cases against Norman Quintero

Albeit the recognitions he owns from the universities and the State, he has been arrested on various occasions. The latest to his record was in March of this year when he claimed to be the owner of the property and removing assets of thousands of dollars. But the initial arrest was in 1997 when a huge complaint that counts to 35 was lodged against Pastor Norman Quintero for representing himself as an attorney and taking legal fees from foreigners and little advance in all of their cases. In 2002, he was charged with domestic violence. This was for battery and when he fought with his wife. A similar case for domestic violence was filed in 1997 even though it does not lead to his arrest. Then back in 2012, charges were back to his name for stalking and dating violence.

This is a case history of Dr Quintero in brief and explores the charges that on him from the last of 20th century. Despite the charges for criminal activities that include fraud, stealing, and domestic violence, he is an active humanitarian and the church offers meals, legal counselling, and a pantry for free.