Earrings are the most popular fashion accessory, but did you know that by choosing the right ones, you can not only make your outfit stand out, but also look your best every day? There are so many different styles of earrings available in all colors, shapes and sizes, so how can you be sure that you are always choosing the right pair?

In addition to matching the colors of the earrings to your style, there are other ways to ensure that you are wearing the best pair. Think about the shape of your face, the size and shape of your earrings and other fashion accessories with which you will wear them.

Face shape

The easiest way to choose your ideal style is to look at the shape of your face. You should try and choose earrings that contrast with your facial features.

Heart-shaped faces work well with dangle or chandelier earrings, as they flatten the tapered chin. Curved earrings will work, rather than angular ones.

Size and shape

Then check the size of the earrings. With a chandelier or long dangling earrings, be careful not to reach your shoulder, as this will shorten your neck. Taller people can wear longer cuts due to the greater space between the ear and the shoulder. If you are tall, you should choose a pair that does not get lost in the space between the lobes and the shoulders. Larger drop earrings, wider earrings (in a style that fits the shape of your face), or larger hoops will look good on taller people.

Fashion accessories and your outfit

Make sure to wear only one garment at all times. If you have a dazzling Saiso statement earrings, it is also not recommended to wear very flashy earrings, as the gaze will be directed between them and not at any particular piece of jewelry, making it impossible for you to display your sparkling piece of jewelry.