Ted Farnsworth is an entrepreneur and successful businessman. He possesses appropriate expertise in the field of consumer behavior analysis and interpretation. When every firm must establish its own social media profile in this digital age, businesses need to have a digital presence.  As the co-founder of ZASH Global Media and Entertainment, moviepass chairman and Founder and MoviePass Films chairman, Farnsworth is regarded as the pioneer that has consistently transformed the film business. In 2018, Emmett Furla Oasis Films became the principal owner, and the Fortress Entertainment Group was launched. In addition, he has collaborated with some of the most prominent stars, most recently Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta, and Bruce Willis.

In the year 2011, the city of New York launched the Moviepass program. A subscription to the pass, which costs just $9.95 a month, grants members access to an infinite number of movies. They will be able to watch up to 30 movies every month.  In 2020, Farnsworth introduced a significant finance agreement between the Fortress Entertainment Group and Damascus Road Productions for the first three films centered on World War II and Horror movies.

ted farnsworth moviepass


MoviePass was established in its infancy.

Ted Farnsworth has always been drawn to firms that he believes he can turn into a success. And, at such a young age, he began to establish firms in the beverage industry as well as real estate development. Like he did with RedZone, Farnsworth also assisted with brand development. In turn, this resulted in his entering into an agreement with Helios and Matheson, as well as how he got to be associated with MoviePass.

Ted Farnsworth’s Moviepass Is a Fantastic Introduction That Inspires a Lot of People

He has established businesses such as ted Farnsworth movie pass and many more, all of which have provided significant assistance to the general public. The ted Farnsworth movie pass was created for those who enjoy going to the movies but do not want to spend their money every time they go. A movie theatre membership allowed them to bring in and view movies in the comfort of their own home. An excellent suggestion for elevating the experience of going to the movies instead of staying at home and watching television. It was a huge success, with as many as a million users who embraced the concept of a cinema pass.