The Telugu industry has captured a significant share in the market. Every year Telugu industry release different and unique concepts. Telugu industry has created a Monopoly in the market because no initiative can produce the idea the Way Telugu industry makes in India. The belief in the Telugu movie is a picture in such a beautiful manner that it directly touches the heart of viewers. We are not satisfied by watching this movie because of its story, action, concept, and many more. Therefore, Indian movies online allow us to watch this movie again and again whenever we feel depressed. Telugu movies are the best option to distract us from our emotional pain. Bollywood industry also releases a new type of movie every year, but the concept and the working pattern of the Telugu industry are excellent. They provide us with different content like horror, entertainment, mystery love, story, and comedy. We can watch Indian movies online on various OTT platforms. Midnight Murders is an engaging thriller movie, which is also streamed on multiple OTT platforms. It provides us with an opportunity of watching it online, in our comfort.

Midnight Murders is a movie produced by Anthony Perumbavoor and directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas. It is one of the latest movies, which was streamed on Aha on 19 February 2021. Anwar Hussain, who was a psychologist, worked as a criminologist at the police department in Kochi. He did it at his friend’s request. Suddenly, he faced a situation when all the policemen were murdered at night. The rest of the story revolves around the culprit who was responsible for the murder. The movie also revolved around the motive which was there behind the murders and how did he manage this situation. The movie Midnight Murders is a thriller movie with unique features. The film unfolds too much drama and thrills for the audience. It has become a must-watch film for the audience.

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