Alexei Orlov

Alexei Orlov sets the bar high for executives and entrepreneurs in all industries. With over 30 years of experience in advertising, marketing, branding and operations, the advice he gives to those he works with and to the world of advertising, marketing and brand activation in general is invaluable.

From the beginning of his career to his current global success, Alexei Orlov has always strived to think bigger and push the boundaries of artistic solutions in advertising and marketing.

Alexei Orlov’s Early Career

Before entering the world of business, advertising and marketing, Orlov intended to live as a clergyman. Feeling called to help people as a church leader, he began his material journey by enrolling in seminary, as any young aspiring priest would. However, family circumstances forced him to leave the seminary and return home. Alexei Orlov’s love for the seminary and his ambition to become a priest began to fade at home.

It was then that Orlov realized that the priestly path was not for him. After starting his career in merchandising, he found his true calling in the corporate world. Since the work of a merchandiser requires a perfect combination of business knowledge and creative imagination, Orlov had to use all the artistic and structural elements of his head to meet the demands of each job.

Alexei Orlov

Alexei Orlov was also attracted by the idea of taking on a leadership role. Orlov was a natural born entrepreneur and began building businesses at a young age. He loved talking to CEOs and consumer representatives of all kinds of companies and would often go to them to discuss building brands in particular. These conversations with business leaders gave him the arrogance he was looking for and helped shape his personal journey into management.

His first leadership role

Earlier in his career, Alexei Orlov created several successful businesses. He owned ROCQM and MCW, which specialized in simulation technologies. Once Orlov started these companies, they began to generate significant revenue.

He then moved to Wunderman, one of the world’s leading digital companies. During his eight years with the company, he held several leadership positions, including president of European operations, COO of the international division and vice president of government affairs.

While at Wunderman, Mr. Orlov also worked at WPP as head of international strategy. He also worked with major automotive clients such as Jaguar, Ford and Land Rover.