Alexei Orlov

Everyone likes to be smart and successful in their business sector. As an owner of the business with an expectation to find someone as your role model and develop your business in different aspects as successfully as possible, you can focus on the biographies of the successful business people. It is the right time to know about Alexei Orlov, founder and Global CEO of MTM choice worldwide. He started his business in 2017 after working in so many global marketing and international business leadership sectors for over two decades. He started the business which is actually an outstanding network filled with well experienced practitioners for delivering high-precision brand activation as well as media optimization for all clients.

A successful professional 

As a well-known professional in the operational change management, global brand strategy, and marketing deployment sectors, Alexei Orlov is a role model to beginners to the competitive business sector. He has achieved so many things as a seasoned leader in the competitive global marketing sector. He ensured that his MTM choice worldwide has been successfully developing the three unique service capability platforms and servicing more than 150 local as well as international clients.

Global Brand Strategist

Alexei Orlov was a senior adviser to the Chairman and CEO of DAS which is an international division of Omnicom Group. He was responsible for the entire brand positioning and marketing for the entire portfolios of Volkswagen Brands across ASEAN and Greater China. He was also mutually responsible for the complete commercial excellence of the significant regional business of Volkswagen while working as part of the core executive of this company.   He successfully worked as a director of the global brand communications business Volvo Cars as well as a marketing director for Volvo UK.  This company was the 2nd largest national sales company for the overall Volvo Corporation in such period.

Different roles and responsibilities

As an owner of the brand strategy related companies MCW and ROCQM, Alexei Orlov increased his recognition worldwide and attracted almost everyone in the competitive business sector. He was the youthful executive to be selected as a qualified director grade at Avon. He was worked as a promotion director for ACT Europe before he got a direction position at Avon. He was one of the founding members of the Paperchase Retail Group. He understood his passion for communication and branding in this business. Alexei Orlov is interested in operational leadership powered by happy and dynamic teams.