social media sites

Internet has made a revolution to almost all industries in this world and also it paved way to the social media websites. At first there were only a few social media platforms but now, your mobile phone is filled with so many applications. Though you can make your communication in different forms but making use of social media is something that you like the most.

With social media websites, you can be in link with your friends every day. Moreover, there are more chances for you to make some other new friends from your city, your country and from other countries too. This way, you will not only forget your old school friends but also can be with new friends.

Every social media websites cater its users to post images, videos, share them, like and comment anything. Most of the places right to speak is the biggest problem which people used to face and always failed to have it. But with the help of these social media platforms, individuals can enjoy their right to talk and express their feelings about anything.

social media sites

Though these websites allow people to post about anything, there are a few sites like All Social which has some restrictions to post and view content related to porn, violent languages and some others unwanted comments. But here, people can share text messages, pictures and also videos of their own or also from other social media platforms.

You can set limitations to people who want to see your contents and also people whose content you should see. Therefore, in short, we can say that you can customize the application for your convenience like who to follow and who follows you.

Since social media networks are free to use unlike other services, make use of it and know several things that are happening in the word around you.