The condition of head lice is a disease known as pediculosis that has existed for centuries and causes endless discomfort in children and in some people even adults. Head lice occur because they are highly contagious and do not depend on whether the person is clean or dirty. While lice are not dangerous to humans. But it is still a very uncomfortable symptom.

As a highly social parasite, lice spread, multiply, and suck blood from their host about four to five times a day. They chose a scalp patch and sprayed saliva to make sure the sucked blood flowed evenly instead of clotting.

The initial stage of lice begins as a lice or egg that the nymph hatched. Each night is a hat-like structure and is firmly attached to the hair shaft. After about a week, the nymph appears from the fertile egg through this hat. After these nymphs go through three stages of molting, they become adult lice. It takes about ten days for these adult lice to find a suitable mate. When this happens, male and female lice tend to mating at any time of the day.

It is interesting to note that female lice carry between fifty to one hundred and fifty eggs in their lives, 60 percent of these lice eggs are fertile. This means that if ten pairs of lice are successful, where each female has a 60 percent success rate compared to lice eggs, that means that one female louse can produce ninety larvae at a time. Multiply by ten and you will have nine hundred lice. With a conservative survival rate of 75 percent for the nymphs, you will have 655 lice at the end of the molting period. At that point, six hundred seventy-five people would have a match. If forty-five percent of these lice are female and successfully mating with male lice, this means that approximately three hundred and four female lice will produce forty-five thousand and six hundred new nits. This could create a truly amazing colony.

Head lice are highly contagious and can be transmitted from one person to another through close contact. For example, when you hug a person with an infected person, your head is almost touching, and before you know it, you are infected too. The use of hats or caps, or even a comb belonging to the affected person, can also cause head lice. Sharing in bed with an infected person is another safe way that you can also get infected.

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