Undercover Philanthropist

Many people have heard about philanthropic works. A lot of people are also involved in it because they have the heart of their fellowmen. Now, one of the undercover philanthropy is Hamed Wardak. Ludas Athletics, a clothing line founded and run by him was used to raise global awareness. Many philanthropic efforts of Wardak have begun during his younger age. So, by the time he was now on his right age to mingle and share his knowledge with the people, he is doing good work. He started to make use of his intelligence to start getting involved in the business, which is strategically used for philanthropic works.

Wardak: the instrument of change

Hamed assisted a lot of things like making the lives of the suffering refugees easier. What makes it good news? It is a time where people don’t expect it. Hamed had started philanthropy at his younger age. It is a fact that not all people have the ability to send their children to school. Meaning, education is like being hindered to them because of poverty. It is the reason why Hamed created a change. He becomes an instrument for less-fortunate people to experience education. Wardak started to develop educational opportunities for underserved and underprivileged youth around the world. The charitable work offers life-altering professional choices.

Wardak's inspirational message

Wardak’s inspirational message

Hamed emphasized how important to find the best talent. It can help you soon with your plans, like planning for the better. The same with how Hamed had started his career and profession, he never stops to help the suffering refugees. He used his talent that let him involved in business and music. With that, the profits from these ventures are used to help the refugees and less-fortunate. Hamed Wardak believes that possible talent can be equipped with a giving heart. In this way, you are ready to work hard to help the needy and pursue philanthropic and professional achievements.

What keeps him motivated?

Wardak believes that many young people today have a professional workforce with highly-developed skills. He keeps being motivated by his doings because he gives importance to well-being and health. He takes good care of both physical and emotional perspectives. A strict physical regimen is followed and uses the passion for work as his inspiration to do so. Now, he continually grows along with his business and music ventures. Valen of Wicked, the electronic music inspires him more of his philanthropic efforts until today.