Ryan Brucato has made a name for himself in the world of business as an entrepreneur. He founded a management firm in 2009 called the RB Milestone Group LLC and is currently one of the heads of the Advisory Board. He’s also responsible for starting private business ventures throughout his professional career and has advised many private and public companies all over the world.

Ryan Brucato is also very knowledgeable when it comes to corporate finance, international trade, and M&A. Aside from his first company success, he also founded another firm called EMBR Capital LLC in 2012, which is a single-member family office and venture capital fund business based in Greenwich, CT, USA.

EMBR has above average team members, partners, and founders with their unique business insight to present through all the phases of business growth. Ryan has always been passionate about international business and aligns most of the allocated funds from EMBR with management and entrepreneurial teams that share the same mindset as him.

Ryan has completed more than 80 EMBR investments into more than 50 companies that operate in 6 different countries since 2017. Most of EMBR’s investments are focused on healthcare, cannabis, diverse medical resources, technology, renewable energy, and telecommunications. He is also one to be open to funding environmental and socially impactful businesses all over the world.


Throughout his profession, he has been mentioned in many leading publications like Bloomberg, Fox Business, HazMat Magazine, The Financial Review, and BusinessWeek. Ryan lives in Greenwich, CT, together with his wife and two daughters. He loves the outdoors and loves joining numerous health activities, which include triathlons, skiing, and regular Crossfit classes.

Business Beliefs and Ethics

As a man who is well versed when it comes to vast areas of business, he has always been trying to look for many ways to stay productive. He believes that a lot of mind minded individuals have different business habits, thus getting into a debate on how to stay productive.

He also believes that getting into the right mind set means you have to ask many questions. The more you ask questions, the sooner you will arrive at your answer. He also thinks that many people should try to underspend, as well as under-promise and over-deliver, because businesses that under-promise yet over-deliver on their tasks will yield better client relationships and retention in the long run.