revitalize the said designs. He died in 1907 before his designs were ever put onto coins.

Most coin collectors go for rare coins. A wise collector can turn these treasures into an investment. There are coin designs with artistic beauty and these are popular with collectors. Coins with the potential to increase in value over time are also sought after.

1937-D Three-legged Buffalo nickel

It is an error coin that rose in popularity among collectors. Majority of these coins saw circulation. The Buffalo nickel value has a wide range. Circulated examples in good condition are worth around 40 cents each. Uncirculated ones are scarce. Those in pristine condition can cost more than a thousand dollars.

1921 Peace dollar

First produced in December 1921, the initial batch of these coins had a high relief. These coins, along with the Morgan silver dollars, commemorate the peace that followed the Great War. They were too difficult to strike up so production only began on December 26, 1921. The United States Mint produced only about a million coins because of the late start. Availability is scarce but it has a modest cost.

Native American theme. They preferred the sketch of the Indian head and the buffalo.

1916-D Mercury dime

The Mercury dime was part of the American Renaissance of American Coinage in 1916. The proper name of this coin is the Winged Liberty Head dime but people thought it was the Roman god Mercury. The Denver Mint produced only 264,000 of these, making them very rare. Aside from its design’s popularity, its rarity makes it a worthy piece in your collection.

1909-S V.D.B. Lincoln cent

This design commemorates President Abraham Lincoln’s 100th birthday. Victor David Brenner included his three initials on the bottom part of the reverse of this coin. Previous designers only used their last initial. The design changed after minting 484,000 Lincoln pennies, making them scarce. There were no initials in the new design.

Buy coins from a reputable coin dealer. Be sure to have them certified by a third-party grading service to avoid any trouble.