Entrepreneur Cum Musician

Hamed Wardak is originally from Afghanistan who was born a boy of the Defense Minister of Afghanistan- Abdul Rahim Wardak. He attended Georgetown University from 1993 to 1997 in Washington D.C where he was also elected valedictorian of graduating class.

Quite recently, he has gone into the music production and one can find Hamed performing at the musical events with the banner of- “Valen of Wicked.”

Where Did The Thought For The Company Come From?

Valen of Wicked arrived from the place which is not even simple for him to explain as it was made on such a spirited personal level.

What Does His Typical Day Seem Like And How Does He Make It Productive?

Generally, the first two to three hours of his day go inside the gym. As he is someone who believes, working out is probably the first important thing in the morning that needs to be done which allows your day to start positively, he goes on to say it gets both his body and that creative mind juiced up and is ready to go when it comes for the remaining hours of the day. It also helps him to create and sustain that brand image which he is working towards for the Wicked.

Hamed Wardak

How Does He Bring Ideas To Life?

It is simple which takes a combination of active research, followed by planning, and a well-execution.

He believes in staying active and aware of his professional research. He never really stops researching. He believes in constantly learning and is always ready to add new tricks to his professional list of the skills.

What Is That One Habit That Makes Him More Productive Being An Entrepreneur?

Discipline, that is what he believes in.

Each artist must have a discipline that is necessary to craft and focus their art thoroughly. As a creator of each beat of his music, he is the entrepreneur of any sound that goes into the music.

These are a few of the things that one can learn from Hamed Wardak.