Owning a car is a big responsibility. Right at the start of buying a car, you are responsible to pay the installment if not purchased on a cash basis. Next, being the driver and the car owner, you are responsible for yourself, for the car, and the passengers. If you have heard about accidents, the driver is the first person to be interviewed. The driver is the person responsible if mishaps may happen. Now, before accidents happen, you always have the choice to prevent it from happening. By making sure that all the car parts are working well and in good condition, then the only way to avoid mishaps is to drive safely. However, these reminders are still not applied by many drivers recently.


Look for replacement service

Accident situations recorded that in most cases, car parts failure is the reason. Either the brake did not hold or engine leakage, both must be checked and do some remedies like repair or replacement. Tyres Marrickville will do the replacement of any defective car parts. Car parts that need to be replaced soon:

  • Battery. A car’s performance suffers when the battery starts to age. The risk of failure to function increases. Most of the common causes of battery failure are low charge and acid stratification. A battery must be replaced every after 4-5 years. It also needs to have a check-up for damaged cables, dirty terminals, and physical defects.
  • Brake rotors. During car use, rotors will prevent the car brake system from overheating. Overtime use may lead the calipers and brake pads to produce friction that can make the rotors less effective.
  • Exterior lights. Compared to headlights, some other car lights tend to fail, such as taillights, turn signals, brake lights, and some other small external lights.
  • Windshield. Debris and flying dirt hit the windshield that causes cracks or dings. Accidents can completely shatter or crack the glass, which needs to be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Headlights. Frequent change is needed. Of course, you don’t want this to happen while driving at night and suddenly the light turned off unintentionally. So, it can cause accidents.
  • Door locks and handles. Replacement for locks and handles are important. It might happen that you will be locked inside due to lock failure. So, it could be so much stress. A regular check-up for handles and locks are very essential.
  • Tire pressure monitoring. Tire pressure maintenance is essential for safety purposes.