Best hidden gems in Westchester with Westchester ground transportation

Westchester County has several hidden gems, which not many people know about and are left out by visitors. They are unique, special and native to this place.

Below are listed some hidden gems of Westchester Country not to be missed with Westchester ground transportation:

  1. Daido

Daido is an extremely beautiful place famous for its uncanny food items not found in everyday market places. For example, the Burdock root is something you might have not heard every day. Sashimi and dried seaweed are to die for. But,on Sundays, the actual sparklies in its famous creamy and soft creampuffs cost no more than $1.50. It is there in the well-known supermarket Daido in White Plains. The French creampuffs are delicious and perfectly sweet for everyone (from hot-lovers to sweet-lovers). Don’t miss it!

  1. Lighthouse Ice Cream Kompany

Although Tarrytown has an extremely fine ice cream parlor, Hudson Harbor has the best ice cream anyone could ask for. Traveling through Main Street and the tracks you will reach, although quite unpopular, the L.I.C.K. shop where you will find delightful ice cream flavors, gelatos, sorbets and many more. It uses best and high-quality milk from Battenkill Valley Creamery milk.

Best hidden gems in Westchester with Westchester ground transportation

  1. The Beverly E. Smith Butterfly Garden

Peaceful and calmness is long lost in the busiest places of North Broadway. However, the tranquility and contentedness can be found again in the beautiful place of Beverly E. Smith Butterfly garden. It is supported by volunteers and enthusiasts from the Hudson River Audubon Society. There are so many species of butterflies that are ready to take you to a heaven of happiness. Migration by Hawks is quite interesting around here during spring and fall. Do enjoy the different genus and species of shrubs and trees, dragonfly pond and other mind-blowing views.

  1. Lyndhurst

Several visitors have seen this place as the ancient estate of railroad tycoon Jay Gould. However, quite unaware are the people who visited the most valuable artworks that bring life to the gallery. The gallery went through some noticeable restorations like decorations, wall repairs, painting repairs by people at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and frame restorations. The “Cattle Resting” and the “Entrance to the Harem” are two of the most well-known paintings of all time. 35 paintings are presently displayed for visitors to enjoy the beauty of art. This is the major aim that came along with restorations. Now you will know when you visit this beautiful place that there is something more to this area that the Crafts at Lyndhurst that happens twice a year.

  1. Smart Arts Events

Many of the colleges and community art events that take place within school premises need an ID confirming that you are a student or organize some sessions to the college, which is why Smart Arts Events make it different. That is right, you don’t need any access to these things and you might enjoy the display of much art stuff with your friends as well. The Westchester Community College’s Smart Arts Events is open to all and takes a look at “The Cashore Marionettes” puppet show, “To kill a Mockingbird” and a variety of dances, films, and debate and discussion session about famous artworks which you might like to take part in.

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