Sports are a crucial part of our lives


An athletic or a physical activity which either involves competition or just for sake of practice is sports. There are many forms of sports in this world and these are helpful in increasing the skills as well as the physical ability of the individual. The participation I the games may be either casual or organized, it brings fun and enjoyment to the participants as well as the viewers of the sport. There are numerous sports exits in today’s world and they may include a single participant or as a group. There are teams, single contestant sports and many more.

Though the number of participants and the number of teams vary, there will be only one winner or only one winning team. This context applies when there is a competition. In certain sports like cricket, there are two teams on the ground and when there is competition between two, finally there will be one team which wins the game. But in case of a single contestant sport like racing or single badminton or tennis, there will be one winner.

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Sports and competition

Apart from the competition, entertainment and fun, sports play a significant part in one’s life. They help in mental health development including fitness of the human body. Through participation in games, various skills are acquired along with self-confidence and the experience which thereby helps in building up of strong personality.

There are competitions from national wide to international wide and the biggest competition of the sports event takes place through the Olympics which is considered to be the largest and major competition in the world for all kinds of sports with the players participating from all parts of the world. There are also sports that do not involve physical activity such as chess and carroms, but they are also considered to be nonphysical sports as they are played using the mind.

Sports are played with each sport having its own set of rules and these help in serving a fair competition and also allow the consistent settlement or decision of the winner. The scoring goals or the crossing the line at first or by the determination of the scoring elements, the winner will be decided. There are so many spectators around the world who have their favorite sports and enjoy watching the people playing them with their favorite teams or players. So it’s a feat to both the players and the audience and can be called as the major source of entertainment.


Besides these, there are traditional sports for each region specifying their culture and they may not be famous internationally but have a good history in the world. There are also many kinds of equipment used in sports like cricket, ball and bat along with wickets and for tennis, there is racquet.